What are the best portable marine inverter charger for small boat?

It is obvious that you will need to bring many appliances like TV sets, air conditioners, smartphone, tablet, microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc in your boats or yacht. And the best marine inverter charger is what I choose to keep these appliances operate. This is because the invertor does not use fuel, does not emit harmful gases and silently. Check this article for more.

This LINK is where you can look for many type of best marine inverter charger. However, my problem with most invertor in the market is that they are quite bulky, large and heavy. I have a small boat and I just need the compact invertor that can fulfil my needs. Here are my top 3 of best inverter charger to use on water. They not only provide enough power for battery and electrical appliances, but they are also very portable and do not take lots of space in the small boat.

#1 Rally Marine Grade 400W Power Inverter

With 400 watts continuously and 800 watts peak output, Rally Marine Grade Power Inverter is more than enough to provide power for most electrical appliances on the small boat. It features with circuit boards and clips that are rust and corrosion resistance. The dual AC ports with 400W output for power bigger appliances and two USB ports can be connected and power smaller devices such as computer, smartphone, laptop, gaming devices, tablets. This inverter will make your needs fulfilled when you are on water.

It will prevent overloads and overheating. It also shut down automatically if the battery is low, that means it will protect others appliances. If there is any fault, you will know due to the LED light status indicator.

Comes with the inverter, you also get a power cord and battery clips in the pack. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Despite its huge power output, it weighs only 1.88 pounds. One more important thing is that it weighs only 1.88 pounds with the huge power output, making it one of the most portable inverter.

#2 Xantrex Technology Inc, 806-1210 Inverter Prowatt Sw 1000

If you do not have any experience on choosing the best marine inverter, then you should go for the popular, well known brands, and Xantrex is the manufacturers like this. It can be the best inverter on my list since it provide high power output while still compact and very lightweight. It provides 2,000 watts continuous output and reach peaks at 3,000 watts. Due to its capacity, it is totally worth the top of best inverter and it is enough to power various appliances at once in your boat.

There is a digital display, which will show you you the necessary information about its voltage. For smaller devices in the boat, you can connect them with AC outlets and USB ports. It also shut down automatically when the voltage is too low, this will help to protect your appliances.

The inverter has protection for low voltage, high voltage, overloads, and overheating. What I like most is Its weighs, it is only 1.59 pounds, what makes it very portable. Many users have feedback that it is very durable.

#3 Cantonape 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V to 110V Power Converter

Cantonape 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter comes with dual standard AC outlets and also two different digital display that show information status of battery voltage, and AC output voltage. There is also an LED indicator, so you will know if there is any fault. It also prevents overheating due to the intelligent cooling fan, the fan will adjust its speed automatically due to how hot the invertor is. That means if the temperature is higher, the fan will run faster.

It comes with continuous output of 1,500 watts and a peak power of 3,000 watts. There are also four extra fuses so you do not need to worry about accident. It provides feature six way protection are overload, short circuit, overheating, reverse polarity, low voltage, and high voltage protection. Your batteries and other appliances in the boat will be safe. Cantonape offers you a 1-year warranty for this product. Its weight is 6.4 pounds, in compare with its range, this inverter is one of the lightest.

3 Best Soil pH Test Kit Available in Lowes 2021

If you are a grower and you love gardening, you will know about the importance of fertilizing your plants in order for them to grow healthy and robust. How do you know what nutrients and fertilizer type that your plants need? The best soil pH test kit will help determine your soil condition, what nutrients is lacking and what you should add to achieve the proper pH levels for your soil.

When it comes to choosing the soil pH test kit, aside from the tester quality, the common question is where to buy? One of the most popular chain of retail stores in the US and Canada is Lowe’s. Buying best soil pH test kit Lowes is an easy way to get the reliable, high quality test kit. It is very simple to buy Lowe’s products directly from their store in your local or online shopping in their website at https://www.lowes.com/. This is why in this article, I will review

about best soil pH test kit available in Lowes.

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s Companies is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, they are a home improvement and building supplies company that has evolved from a small hardware store to become one of the country’s top retailers. In 1921, I. S. Lowe has established Lowe’s. Lowe’s and its affiliated companies operated 2,197 home improvement and hardware shops in North America as of February 2021. Large tool, building supply inventories, appliances, home décor, and garden items are the company’s product line. Lowe’s is the country’s second-largest home improvement retailer and hardware chain (only behind Home Depot)

Top 10 Soil pH Test Kit at Lowes.com

#1 HoldAll 3-in-1 Moisture, Light, and PH Meter

This multiple purpose pH meter is not only measure pH level, it also provides moisture and sunlight level. This product is best seller items in Lowe’s soil tester. It will let you know when you should water your plant, encourages the growth of healthy plants. There are no batteries needed, so you do not need to worry about replacing batteries.

Below the light sensor, you will find a switch between 3 parameters. Moisture is on the left, light is in the middle, and pH is on the right. It is very easy to use, you just need to insect the dual probes of the meter into the soil and choose the parameter you want to measures. For sunlight measurement, you just need to ensure that the meter is towards the sun. There is no any soil preparation needed. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. It is so very simple to maintain, after use, take the probe out from the soil and wipe the probe to clean.

#2 HoldAll Soil Test Kit

If you are looking for more affordable soil test kit that provides great performance, this one is perfect for you. I liked that it featured numerous tests (40 testes directions in a kit). It allows you to collect soil samples from various locations on the garden and during the whole season. It can be used to measure Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and pH levels in the soil by mixing soil sample with distilled water and comparing color codes.

It takes you a little more effort than the HoldAll 3-in-1 meter, but is still very simple to use, do not require any skill or prior experience, provide fast and accurate result. A set includes 4 test tubes for different value, a stand holder for these tubes, pipette eye dropper, color chart, and a pH plant preference list, which offers ideal pH level of over 450 plants. It also comes with a instruction, which will guide you to adjust your soil condition.

#3 SoilKit Soil Test Kit With Trowel

Professional Soil Test Kit includes all you’ll need for convenient and quickly collecting and lab-quality results and it is also the most accurate way to test soil. It provides testing result for all soil elements including pH, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, boron, zinc, manganese, and iron. A detailed lab-based soil test kit and digital platform reveals exactly what plants need for a healthy growth cycle.

A bag for sample collected, postage-paid lab mailer, pre-paid lab costs, instructions, and customer care card are all included in the pack. For quick, precise, and straightforward soil sampling and submission, it uses the internet registration and address GPS auto-fill features.

Within 48 hours after you submit your soil sample, you will get the testing result and also modification advice via your email.

Frequently asked questions about best tow rope

The biggest concern when off-roading maybe your vehicle is damage is getting your car stuck. Luckily, your trip doesn’t need to be spoiled if you have a reliable tow strap with you. The best tow rope is essential item as it is not only come in handy for this reason, it also get you out of all sorts of trouble.

If you not really know about the top rope and how to properly use it, these following are some frequently asked questions about it.

#1 What are tow rope made of?

Depending on manufactures, the tow rope can be made of different materials. But A vast majority of tow rope are made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene. If you are looking for a tow rope to tow boats and vehicles, then we want recommend you polyethylene as it is made of UV resistant materials, and offers better durability. Means while nylon more expensive and has a little more stretch, it also works well to absorb shock.

#2 Can tow rope use for all types of vehicle?

You cannot use a tow rope to tow an automatic vehicle. If you are using an automatic vehicle then you should know that your car cannot be towed using this method. Due to their architecture, the automatic vehicles do not allow to move their wheels freely without the driving of human.

But this is the key features to performing an amateur tow with a tow rope. There are some other ways for towing an automatic vehicle, but you should be careful since doing so can cause permanent damage. It is better to call a professional when your automatic vehicle need to be towed.

#3 What is the tow rope capacity?

When you are buying a vehicle tow rope, the capacity of the rope is the most important factor to consider. The tow rope capacity is measured in pounds. It shows the limit weight of the vehicle or boat, which the tow rope can be used for.

In the case if you buy a tow rope for boarding or tubing, you must choose the rope with a certain capacity depent on the liable number of riders.

Remember to determine and check the actual payload weight your tow strap is rated for before attaching it to a vehicle to avoide any unexpect accident for both you and your vehicle.

Medicine Man Seeds Review (medicinemanseeds.com): Cannabis Seed Bank Reviews

Of all the cannabis seed bank reviews, at the outset let us reveal that we had the most trouble with our Medicine Man seeds Review. The problem? Minimal information on their website.

This is the only seed bank website we’ve ever seen where there was no Frequently Answered Questions section, which means there is no information about where they ship to, how they accept payment, how long you need to wait to receive your package, what to do if your package isn’t received. Almost nothing.

Fortunately, if you are serious about ordering, many of those questions are resolved.

For example within the United States, orders can be paid for by Visa, Mastercard or Visa. When you check-out, you are sent an invoice through a separate Garden Supply shop in Berkely, CA.

Payment is made from Google pay, which in the United States can be made through both Visa and Mastercard, and via bank account transfer. So the payment issues are resolved.

The seed banks that ship to the United States is by the United States Post Office. You can choose either priority mail with takes generally 3 or 4 business days or priority express for a few dollars more which is the quickest in 2 days.

Seeing as to how the two biggest issues, payment and shipping are resolved after we received our invoice we felt a lot better about Medicine Man seed bank.

There are some issues still unresolved, however. What happens if the package gets lost? What if in the ordering process there was a mistake. We would prefer all of those issues were laid out in advance.

Another thing we’re not crazy about is that they feature only 16 products in all, and the products are not categorized into feminized, auto-flowering, THC level, etc.

The good news is that the prices are outstanding. You get 10 cannabis seeds for $40. If you are satisfied with the selection, this is probably one of the best deals on the internet. And coupled with the fact that they send their packages fast via US mail makes this a small but homey seed shop.

What are customers saying?

One customer from New Jersey noted that his orders only took 4 days to arrive, and not only was everything packaged discreetly but that in one order he received a free gummie, while in another he received a freebee of an actual joint with the plastic-wrapped outside.

Several others responded in a positive way commenting about how nice it was to find a legit cannabis seed dealer.

What are the best comfortable bedding for chinchillas?

Chinchillas need bedding to soaks up their pee and poop, prevents smell from building up and one more important reason is prevents your chinchilla’s feet from getting hurt.

Since chinchillas have soft coats and sensitive feet. Many chinchilla’s parents want to find a soft, comfortable bedding to place into their cage. If you are one of them, this post are some best chinchilla bedding that may create the comfortable surface for your pets to jump and walk on.

#1 Fabric

Fabric liners like fleece, towels, and pillows are all popular examples of fabric type bedding or substrate in the chinchilla cage. This is the first material when it come to best comfortable bedding for chinchilla. The fabric liner is mostly soft and comfortable. So there won’t be any problems with abrasions or related injuries.

The fabrics also absorb liquids very well , keep the cage clean for long. This is also lower cost since it is reusable, it can be washed for next time use. You also do not have to worry about allergic problem since fabric is dust free and lower the chances to harbor mites.

#2 Paper-based bedding

Paper products bedding are mostly very soft, absorbent, and affordable. It is usually packed in the small bag and then will explant into an enormous amount of bedding that you can spread generously into your chinchilla’s cage.

This bedding is also environmental friendly since it is made from recycled materials. Paper bedding very absorbent hence reduces odor.

#3 Aspen Shavings

It is not as comfortable as these two options above due to its rougher texture but you also should consider aspen shavings. Many owner like the aroma and ability of absorbency that it offers. If you have limited budget, this bedding is for you since it is inexpensive. It is also finer than pine or cedar shavings.

What is the Best horse fly repellent for humans?

Flies can both bother your horses and you alike. Their bites are nearly as painful as bee stings, and they do not stop pursue you. But while you can easy find many different types best fly spray for horses on the market or pet store, you cannot use these commercial fly sprays for humans. This is because of the chemicals in them, and you will not want to be covered in chemicals all summer long.

Here are a few things that you can to fight back and a homemade repellent receipt can be safety used on both people and pets.

#1 Homemade horse flies repellent for human

According to study, manmade liquid mixture repellents can provide several hours of protection from deer horse flies. Flies hate the fragrance of certain natural oils, so you should add them into the repellent for you or your pets.

1 cup of white vinegar

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 tsp. citronella oil

1 tsp. eucalyptus essential oil

1 tsp. dish soap

To make the repellent, mix these ingredients and store them in a spay bottle.

These common materials can easily find around the home or from a local drugstore, which will help you repel flies. Apply it to your skin or clothing when you are in the near areas of fly activity.

You can use the horse grooming brushes to spread the mix evenly.

#2 Wear light colors

The fact that horse flies will be attracted to dark colors. Not the optimal solution but wearing the cloth with colore, specifically white, can be another way to make the flies far away from you. Dark blue color will most attract the horse fly.

#3 Avoid water

A horse fly is attracted to swimming pools or ponds of shimmering water, they are also begins their life span in the wetland areas. This is why you will find more of these files near water. Thus, you should stay away wetland areas and remove or get rid of any standing water around your home.

#4 Wear a hat

This is the simple way but also most effective to protect you from biting flies. Cover your body with cloth and wear a hat will prevent the fly bite you.  Wearing a hat will block them from biting the top of your head.

Best thermostat for reptiles: iPower GLHTMTCONTROL Thermostat vs BN-LINK Thermostat

If you are keeping reptiles, you will know how difficult it is to get the proper temperature for your pets. This is why you should get the best thermostat for reptiles, which we help you monitor the temperature inside the tank.

We have put together here 2 reliable thermostats: iPower GLHTMTCONTROL Digital Thermostat vs BN-LINK Digital Thermostat Controller.

If you are in a hurry, our top pick of the best reptile thermostat is BN-LINK Digital thermostat. Although these two units are trustworthy and do a great job, BN-LINK also can use for multi-purpose and for other heaters.

#1 Easy to install and use

You will not want to go with something that requires a lot of complicated steps to set up. The best reptile thermostats usually offer 3 buttons operation, even with some more advanced devices, they should not offer too much complicate buttons to control.

Ipower thermostat is cheap and very simple to use, giving you great value nonetheless. It offers only 3 buttons of operation are: SET, UP, and DOWN. It is really easy to use since all you need to do is turn it on and off. Once plugged into your heat mat and temperature is selected, you are done.

BN-LINK thermostat also offers 3 buttons to set the desired temperature. This device is very easy to control since you just need to set the probe, plug in the controller, and set temperature. It also provides easy to read display and also has a hanging tab placed inside a tough plastic cover.

#2 Features

BN-LINK thermostat can show the temperature at both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. It offers the indicate lights of power and LED heating lights that allow you to know the controller’s status even in the dark.

BN-LINK temperature control range is 40-108 degrees F, the temperature display range is 32 -140 degrees F.

The temperature range of Ipower is 32-140 degrees F, this wide range makes it suitable for many different species of reptiles. It allows you to set the temperature control between 40-108 degrees F (5-42 degrees C).

#3 Versatile

Although this factor is not necessary, it is always better to get the device that can use for multi-purpose and heater.

Besides using for control the temperature inside your reptile’s tank, BN-LINK thermostat can be used for seedling germination, rooting, brewing, heating, fermentation, and more, keeping your various environments in their ideal temperature range.

It comes with the probe card and the grounded 3-prong plug that is 6 feet long, which makes it suit almost any application.

On the other hand, the Ipower thermostat is a simple device. It only uses for low powered heat mats and cannot work with heat bulbs and ceramic heaters. Ipower also only be used to turn off the heater at a set temperature and does not increase the heating power of the heater.

Best Aquarium Vacuum: Upettools Electric Vacuum VS. Aqueon Aquarium Siphon

An aquarium could be the decoration that brings the special aquatic scenery into your home. But owing an aquarium means that you are responsible for maintaining quality water conditions for the fish.

Excess food, dead plant, dirt, and algae built up in the tank substrate also need to be removed frequently. The easiest way to do so would be to use the best aquarium vacuum.

In this post, we will go to details and compare two of the most common aquarium vacuum available: Upettools Electric Automatic Vacuum Water VS. Aqueon Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Aquarium Gravel Cleaner.

#1 Capacity

Considering the size of your tank for the best aquarium gravel vacuum. Having the small capacity vacuum cleaner for a larger tank would mean that it is inefficient while a strong capacity vacuum cleaner for a small fish tank would endanger your tank fish.

If you are looking for a simple vacuum method that does a great job without causing any bother for the fish, it doesn’t get much better than Aqueon Siphon Vacuum.

It comes in various capacities, ranging from 15 gallons to 35 gallons. That means you can get the version of a vacuum that suitable for your tank and deliver the best results.

The Upettools is one of the most reliable and powerful electric aquarium vacuum cleaners. It provides a maximum flow of 1,700 liters per hour. Due to this, it only needs about 30 minutes to handle for 18 gallons fish tank.

#2 Cleaning function

The Aqueon Siphon allows users to easily control the level of suction in the cleaning process since this is a manual vacuum so that you simply have to push and pull motion on h handle to pump.

This is perfect for vacuum the dirt even in the corner of the tank. Moreover, this vacuum even includes a clip which use to attach the discharge end of the vacuum to your bucket. This will avoid the spilling out of the water in the vacuum process.

Upettools is a 6-in-1 functions vacuum, which includes water changer, sand washer, debris cleaning, water filter, water shower, water flow. It is also furnished with a dynamic suction power that is strong enough to change the water, suck fish manure and dirt out of the tank immediately.

#3 Easy to use

Since Upettools come with many different functions, you might also get a bit hard to use it. Besides, the instructions are not translated into English to make it easier for everyone to understand. However, Uperttools offer great customer services that provide technical support 24/7.

Aqueon Vacuum is equipped with a self-priming feature; you will not have to learn how to prime the water flow. This product also does not require any set-up. You just need to push and pull the hose to allow water flow.

The advantages of LED aquarium lighting

The best LED aquarium lighting uses much less energy: In comparison with the other bulbs for aquarium, the LED lighting takes less up to 80% of energy to run than other bulbs. It will make a difference in the cost you have to pay for energy.

LED lighting does not heat up the aquarium water: While fluorescent light bulbs produce much amount of heat and het up the water, the amount that LED lights will produce not much enough to make the temperature in the tank higher.

They are long life: One of the most outstanding points of LED lights is that they will last for a very long time. You can expect to use the LED lights for up to 50,000 hours (about 6 years); while some traditional types of lighting such as incandescent bulbs just last for 2-4 months.

Therefore, although LED lights will more expensive the fact that you will save more money that you may have to pay for replacing bubs.

Adjustable light intensity: LED light can be dimmed slowly when the sunset and also slowly brightened when sunrise by programmed.

This can mimic and remain the day and night cycle in the aquarium and particularly ideal for nocturnal fish. Moreover, you can regulate the light intensity by remote or app.

Safe to use: There are ultra-violet lights that contain fluorescent lights. LED lights do not emit or contain any mental filament or ultraviolet-light.

Limitations of Led aquarium lighting

#1 Unavailability:

Many beginners prefer to buy an aquarium kit but normally, this kit does not offer LED lights. These kits only provide standard fluorescent light bulbs.

#2 Cost:

LED lights tend to take more cost than other traditional bulbs especially if they come with some modern functions.

#3 Use for planted aquariums:

Another drawback of LED lights is that not every LED light fixtures will suitable for planted aquariums. For the plants that require high light intensity, you will need to look for good LED lighting options.

How well can crested geckos hear?

May your crested geckos do not have a structure of the ear like other pets (they do not have external ears) but the fact that they have a reasonably good hearing. Moreover, they are sensitive to loud sounds.

There are some factors that detrimental impact that loud sounds can have on crested geckos. So if you want your crested gecko healthy and ensure an optimal hearing for them, it is better to limit sudden and loud sounds far from your crested geckos.

The crested gecko ear

Maybe you wonder that can crested geckos hear since they do not have any ear? But they have the ears inside their body are known as inner ears. Their inner ears have a normal structures including: a cochlea, stapes, and a tympanic membrane.

Can crested gecko hear the human voice?

If you are a owner of crested gecko, I am sure that you will want to know this thing. Normally, the male voice has a range from 85 to 180 Hz and the female voice has a range from 165 to 255 Hz. Meanwhile according to study,  rested geckos be able to hear the sound between 500 Hz to 5k Hz.

So your crested geckos do not hear the low sounds, they also cannot hear what you are speaking in a normal voice.

The influence of loud sounds on crested geckos

The stress of crested gecko can be caused by too much exposure to the loud noise. This stress can lead to some problem for your crested geckos such as the withdrawing from eating or they can drop their tail and some other harmful aspects to their body.

But there are still some normal sounds in your home that are safe for them such as sounds from the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, television, music, door closing. Your crested geckos can get use to and adjust to acquire these sounds.