Freckled Celebrities

For many women, having natural freckles seems like a curse. However, these specks are actually coming back in style and are seen by many as being sexy signs of beauty. In fact, Vogue magazine did a summer 2008 special edition just to showcase the gorgeous freckles many women possess.

One thing many men find sexy about freckles is their potential to capture the eyes’ attention. Seeing freckles on the face and arms often makes the eyes wander to the rest of the body and wonder just how many other freckles there might be. .Additionally, many men enjoy kissing and touching freckles and see them as the ultimate turn on.

Freckles also give a woman the much-desired “girl next door” look. Freckles are a sign of natural beauty rather than the fake glamour we see in women who coat themselves with makeup. Freckles also seem youthful, playful, and fun as they are often associated first and foremost with little children who laugh and play.

Finally, freckles are sexy because they are rare. They make a woman more unique, more interesting. This allure is enhanced by freckles that seem to only appear beneath the glow of the sun. Ultimately, women who have these beauty marks should embrace their genetics and learn to see their skin as a sign of sexiness because freckles are gorgeous.

As more and more people embrace the sexiness of freckles, whole freckle fan clubs have started appearing. This is especially true on the internet. The web is full of sites dedicated to freckled beauties who know that their skin is truly their best feature.

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Yellow Leaves on Plants

The joy of evert gardener is seeing their plant sprout exceedingly and thriving in blooming color, imagine how frustrating it would be after all the stress and hard work youre seeing faint plants with yellow leaves on plants. Plant leaves can define the health status of your plant majorly through its color.

Generally, leaves are of green pigment usually called chlorophyll in plants. Just like humans, plants also react to some conditions thus yellowing leave is a symptom of ailment in your plant. Conditions that can cause your leaves to turn yellow include aging, Moisture stress (underwatering, overwatering), nutrient deficiency, environmental, pest problems, excess fertilizer etc.

In this article, we are not considering aging as this is normal condition to the plant life circle, when you see your leaves below the stem turning yellow, dont panic, its a normal thing. Let’s turn our attention to leaves that are not old and not on the bottom of the plant but newer leaves on the plant.

Causes of yellow leaves on plant

#1 Environmental condition

Plants feed from photosynthesis through there chlorophyll. Thats why temperature and weather condition has a lot impact on your plant growth and health. Environmental conditions affecting plant includes light, cold draft and heat. Light is paramount to plant growth; constant wetting cant replace light. Lack of light will cause some part of your plant leaves turn yellow as they need certain hours of direct sunlight.

Temperature also contributes to the color of your plants when its either too cold or too hot, cold drafts are on most tropical plants especially during winters or your plant is positioned near air conditions.

#2 Moisture Stress

The most common cause of yellowing leaves in plant is moisture stress, this is because of underwatering or overwatering. Plant leaves turns yellow when the soil is dry or saturated. When plant lacks water, they find alternative way to conserve water (prevent transpiration) by dropping leaves, however, poor drainage leads to excess water too in plants causing yellow leaves.

#3 Nutrient deficiency

Plant needs iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, nitrogen, and potassium to thrive ang bloom perfectly in your garden. Plant leaves may turn yellow if it lacks one or two of this nutrients or excess of one. For example, excess calcium in water plus lack of nitrogen is unhealthy for a plant and can cause plant leaves turn yellow.

PH Conditions –High soil PH can also lead to yellow leaves in plant. The soil pH may be too high, causing a condition called chlorosis.

#4 Pest Problems

Sucking insects are also common cause of yellowing leaves in plant. Mites, aphids, thrips, mealybugs are others are common pest that suck out juice from leaves and deposit disease on plant mostly through their fecal. The aftermath of their attack also leads to yellow leaves.

#5 Excess Fertilizer

Adding to much nutrients to your soil results to excess salt causing yellow leaves on plant. Excess fertilizer altars your soil pH which is the measure of acidity and alkalinity.

Possible Solutions

If youre having yellow leaves issue in your garden and still so worried, keep calm. Well be sharing tips on how to fix yellow leaves on plant, below;

  • Firstly, in case of light issues or weather conditions, the best solution is to relocate your plant. If some sides of your leaves are yellow, quickly relocate to where the plant will have direct sunlight.
  • Regular watering can combat dehydration
  • Introducing soil drainage, garden beds and adding soil are best solution to overwatering.
  • Spray plant with neem oil or insecticidal soap to fix pest issues
  • Perform soil test to know when your plant needs fertilizer, this will help you determine what type of fertilizer needed and when to apply.

So, when some of your leaves suddenly turn yellow, thats a symptom of distress in your plant. Now you have the reasons depending on several factors, you can determine the exact cause in your garden and proffer solution as directed.

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Emma Watson – Hot Freckles

Emma Watson is a British actress who gained fame by playing Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series. Her prior acting experience before Harry Potter was only in school plays. She was discovered through her theatre teacher and went through eight auditions before getting the role in Harry Potter. Ever since then, she went on to play Hermione Granger in all the Harry Potter movies. Currently, she is filming the last installment of the series.

Aside from Harry Potter, Watson has also starred in the 2007 TV film, Ballet Shoes, and the 2008 animated film, The Tale of Despereaux, as the voice of Princess Pea. Watson has been keen on finishing her higher education which explains why her media work has been limited. However, she was seen modeling Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection as part of the contract she has signed with the company.

Watson has earned more than £10 million for the Harry Potter series and admits that she does not have to work form money unlike many young adults today. She was rank 6th of Forbes list of Most Valuable Young Stars. But the fact remains that she wants to finish school first before concentrating on her acting career.

Song For Walnut

We were deeply moved by Walnut the Whippet’s emotional farewell on Porth beach at the weekend. It was his last walk before old age and ill health meant his owner Mark Woods had to have him put down.

A charity single has now been released by the Ethical Record Label who heard about Mark’s story. All the proceeds from “A Song for Walnut” will be donated to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Here’s a snippet with pictures of Walnut’s last walk


We were deeply moved by Walnut the Whippet's emotional farewell on Porth beach at the weekend. It was his last walk before old age and ill health meant his owner Mark Woods had to have him put down. A charity single has now been released by the Ethical Record Label who heard about Mark's story. All the proceeds from "A Song for Walnut" will be donated to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Here's a snippet with pictures of Walnut's last walk

Posted by ITV News West Country on Monday, November 14, 2016

‘Walk With Walnut’ Charity Record

The Ethical Record Label have released ‘Walk With Walnut’ by Gee Kenny, written and recorded as a token of support to Mark and Walnut during #WalkWithWalnut and #WalnutsLastWalk yesterday. As you may know, unfortunately, Walnut passed away yesterday surrounded by his loving family – after his last walk on his favourite beach, accompanied by hundreds of well wishers and loving dog owners.

We have released the record with Mark’s (Walnut’s dad) permission and blessing, who requested that all record sales go directly to Battersea Dogs And Cats Home.

We continue to wish Mark and his pack the best, and encourage everyone to first and foremost, donate directly to Battersea. Walnut was very lucky, to have spent his 18 years surrounded by such a loving family. Battersea Dogs And Cats Home, and we at The Ethical Record Label, believe all dogs should receive this level of love.

Rachel Nichols Freckles

With a birth name of Rachael Emily Nicholas, she was born on the 8th of January 1980 in Augusta, Maine in the USA. She stands 5 ft 8” and is a professional American actress. She graduated from the Columbia University in 2001 with a double major in mathematics and economics. Rachel Nicholas has been a model for Guess? and auditioned for her first acting role as a restaurant hostess for the ‘Sex & the City’ series.

Her parents were Jim, who was a school teacher and her mother Alison Nichols. She went to Cony High School and competed in High Jump. She claimed in an interview that she wasn’t a ‘hot chick’ in high school and that her mother referred her to have uncontrollable legs and arms. Her career aspiration was to become a Wall Street analyst before being taken by an agent in modeling who invited her to a job in Paris.

In 2003, Rachel Nicholas appeared in her first major role in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. This was a comedy film that helped her a lot in climbing in her career. She later appeared in The Inside in 2005, a crime drama television series which was terminated after only the first season. She gained more recognition after taking the character of Rachel Gibson of the television action series, Alias. She later appeared in The Amityville Horror of 2005.

In the year 2007, she received her first starring role in a film in the horror thriller called P2. She later had a supporting role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in the year 2008 and later appeared in Star Trek in 2009. Rachel Nicholas also starred in the action film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in 2009 and is yet to star in coming sword and sorcery film of Conan.

Megan Fox – Sexy Freckles & Transformer Babe

Megan Fox is an American actress hailing from Rockwood Tennessee. She started her dance and drama training at the age of 5. When she reached 10, she moved to Florida where she completed her training and finished school. At present, Fox lives in Los Angeles.

Fox began formal acting and modeling at the age of 13 after she got recognized for her talent at the 1999 American Modeling and Talent Convention. She got her first film debut in the Olsen twins’ movie, Holiday in the Sun. From then on, her career has constantly risen.
Part of her achievements include being named in the 2006 FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World, 2007 Maxim’s Hot 100, 2008 Maxim’s Hot 100, MovieFone’s The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25 and the Future Stars of Tomorrow. She was also voted as the #1 sexiest woman for FHM readers in 2008.

Fox loves playing video games and reading comic books. She also loves taking care of animals and has owned dogs, squirrels, cats, and even a pig. She got engaged to Brian Green for close to 3 years from November 2006 to February 2009 before they called off their engagement. They got back together in April of 2009.

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