Best Aquarium Vacuum: Upettools Electric Vacuum VS. Aqueon Aquarium Siphon

An aquarium could be the decoration that brings the special aquatic scenery into your home. But owing an aquarium means that you are responsible for maintaining quality water conditions for the fish.

Excess food, dead plant, dirt, and algae built up in the tank substrate also need to be removed frequently. The easiest way to do so would be to use the best aquarium vacuum.

In this post, we will go to details and compare two of the most common aquarium vacuum available: Upettools Electric Automatic Vacuum Water VS. Aqueon Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Aquarium Gravel Cleaner.

#1 Capacity

Considering the size of your tank for the best aquarium gravel vacuum. Having the small capacity vacuum cleaner for a larger tank would mean that it is inefficient while a strong capacity vacuum cleaner for a small fish tank would endanger your tank fish.

If you are looking for a simple vacuum method that does a great job without causing any bother for the fish, it doesn’t get much better than Aqueon Siphon Vacuum.

It comes in various capacities, ranging from 15 gallons to 35 gallons. That means you can get the version of a vacuum that suitable for your tank and deliver the best results.

The Upettools is one of the most reliable and powerful electric aquarium vacuum cleaners. It provides a maximum flow of 1,700 liters per hour. Due to this, it only needs about 30 minutes to handle for 18 gallons fish tank.

#2 Cleaning function

The Aqueon Siphon allows users to easily control the level of suction in the cleaning process since this is a manual vacuum so that you simply have to push and pull motion on h handle to pump.

This is perfect for vacuum the dirt even in the corner of the tank. Moreover, this vacuum even includes a clip which use to attach the discharge end of the vacuum to your bucket. This will avoid the spilling out of the water in the vacuum process.

Upettools is a 6-in-1 functions vacuum, which includes water changer, sand washer, debris cleaning, water filter, water shower, water flow. It is also furnished with a dynamic suction power that is strong enough to change the water, suck fish manure and dirt out of the tank immediately.

#3 Easy to use

Since Upettools come with many different functions, you might also get a bit hard to use it. Besides, the instructions are not translated into English to make it easier for everyone to understand. However, Uperttools offer great customer services that provide technical support 24/7.

Aqueon Vacuum is equipped with a self-priming feature; you will not have to learn how to prime the water flow. This product also does not require any set-up. You just need to push and pull the hose to allow water flow.

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