What are the best comfortable bedding for chinchillas?

Chinchillas need bedding to soaks up their pee and poop, prevents smell from building up and one more important reason is prevents your chinchilla’s feet from getting hurt.

Since chinchillas have soft coats and sensitive feet. Many chinchilla’s parents want to find a soft, comfortable bedding to place into their cage. If you are one of them, this post are some best chinchilla bedding that may create the comfortable surface for your pets to jump and walk on.

#1 Fabric

Fabric liners like fleece, towels, and pillows are all popular examples of fabric type bedding or substrate in the chinchilla cage. This is the first material when it come to best comfortable bedding for chinchilla. The fabric liner is mostly soft and comfortable. So there won’t be any problems with abrasions or related injuries.

The fabrics also absorb liquids very well , keep the cage clean for long. This is also lower cost since it is reusable, it can be washed for next time use. You also do not have to worry about allergic problem since fabric is dust free and lower the chances to harbor mites.

#2 Paper-based bedding

Paper products bedding are mostly very soft, absorbent, and affordable. It is usually packed in the small bag and then will explant into an enormous amount of bedding that you can spread generously into your chinchilla’s cage.

This bedding is also environmental friendly since it is made from recycled materials. Paper bedding very absorbent hence reduces odor.

#3 Aspen Shavings

It is not as comfortable as these two options above due to its rougher texture but you also should consider aspen shavings. Many owner like the aroma and ability of absorbency that it offers. If you have limited budget, this bedding is for you since it is inexpensive. It is also finer than pine or cedar shavings.

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