How well can crested geckos hear?

May your crested geckos do not have a structure of the ear like other pets (they do not have external ears) but the fact that they have a reasonably good hearing. Moreover, they are sensitive to loud sounds.

There are some factors that detrimental impact that loud sounds can have on crested geckos. So if you want your crested gecko healthy and ensure an optimal hearing for them, it is better to limit sudden and loud sounds far from your crested geckos.

The crested gecko ear

Maybe you wonder that can crested geckos hear since they do not have any ear? But they have the ears inside their body are known as inner ears. Their inner ears have a normal structures including: a cochlea, stapes, and a tympanic membrane.

Can crested gecko hear the human voice?

If you are a owner of crested gecko, I am sure that you will want to know this thing. Normally, the male voice has a range from 85 to 180 Hz and the female voice has a range from 165 to 255 Hz. Meanwhile according to study,  rested geckos be able to hear the sound between 500 Hz to 5k Hz.

So your crested geckos do not hear the low sounds, they also cannot hear what you are speaking in a normal voice.

The influence of loud sounds on crested geckos

The stress of crested gecko can be caused by too much exposure to the loud noise. This stress can lead to some problem for your crested geckos such as the withdrawing from eating or they can drop their tail and some other harmful aspects to their body.

But there are still some normal sounds in your home that are safe for them such as sounds from the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, television, music, door closing. Your crested geckos can get use to and adjust to acquire these sounds.

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